The Mask project explores ideas of identity and the important role that each individual plays in the community as a whole.

These images are from Knit Glitch’s early experiments for the project.

We are planning to develop the Mask project as an educational program aimed at junior and middle school children. The project will see the creation of a series of soft wearable artworks with inbuilt sensors that enable the wearer to shape their environment in new and exciting ways through movement, recorded sound and rhythm. The crafted and technological elements that make up the masks will be generated through playful, collaborative games and fun experiments.

The students will be involved in every stage of the creation process. All participants will have the opportunity to work as part of this collaborative project while learning artistic and creative problem solving skills. Through the process of collaborating and creating together, students will develop a deeper understanding of each other and explore the idea of a shared community identity. Each student will also be able to create an artwork “for keeps” that they can take home at the conclusion of the project.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project then please contact us at



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