The Blanket project is part of the Awesome Arts Creative Challenge 2015. This program sees artists placed in schools in remote and regional Western Australia to work with the students and create amazing things. Knit Glitch worked with students in years 1 – 6 in Bunbury’s Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School for one week, to create Blanket.

Blanket is a soft, interactive interpretation of the environment of Djidi Djidi Aborigianl School. Together with the students, we explored the Djidi Marlak Nature Reserve that is part of the school grounds. Using our eyes and our ears, we made note of all the important sounds, sights, objects and textures that made the place special. All these elements fed into the finished artwork.

The Blanket is made from colourful, felted wool, which the students chose and arranged. The felting process involves rubbing the wool with hot, soapy water to make the fibers bond together; a hands-on process that the students could really get stuck into!

The blanket incorporates a series of soft sensors made from wool and conductive thread. When pressed, these sensors play the sounds that we heard in the nature reserve, re-created and recorded by the students. Through exploring the Blanket, the viewer is invited to experience Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School through the eyes and ears of it’s young artists.



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